Sharks in the Saint Lawrence
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Did you know that at least 19 shark species live in the Saint Lawrence estuary and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, either year-round or occasionally? Among them is the Greenland shark, the planet’s second largest carnivorous shark, after the great white. Over the years, the Greenland shark has been observed in the waters near the towns of Paspébiac, Percé and Baie-Comeau, as well as in the Saguenay Fjord. This massive fish typically spends its life in deep water, where it feeds. However, in 2003, divers found themselves face to face with Greenland sharks at a depth of less than 15 metres! These sharks do not normally attack humans. They even try to avoid us. If you encounter a Greenland shark, let it go on its way, but especially enjoy this rare spectacle that few people have ever seen.
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Monarchs on the move

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Sharks in the Saint Lawrence

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Did you know that 19 species of sharks can be found in the waters of the Saint Lawrence River?

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