Learn while having fun

and have fun learning!

The activities in the Teachers’ Corner are geared
especially for teachers of grades 5 and 6.
The aim is to generate interest among pupils in
nature and the environment by introducing them
to the animal world in an innovative,
educational and enjoyable way.

These activities, which meet the Quebec
Ministry of Education’s
easily adapt to your classroom context while
encouraging pupils to use
their creative skills.

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Activities are available in portable document format (PDF).
Activity name Subject(s) Length

Adopt a bird

Build a Bird-feeder Research and writing activity focussed on learning about birds and building team skills.
Science and Technology
10 to 12 periods ww ww ww

Brain Teaser

Solve a Math Problem Problem-solving activity to teach mathematics in real-life situations.
Mathematics (team-based) 1 or 2 periods zz xx

Build a world

Make a Model Habitat Research and crafts activity focussing on creative and communication skills.
Plastic Arts
10 periods ww

A guide to biography

Write a Biography Research and writing activity focussing on information processing.
English (writing) 6 periods yy

The job race

Draw and Guess Creative activity to develop communication and team skills.
Plastic Arts (team-based, drawing)
1 period zz

Legends of the Boreal Forest

Write a Legend Research and writing activity focussed on building awareness of the relationship between people and nature.
English (writing) 3 periods yy

The investigator

Conduct an Opinion Poll Mathematics activity focussing on information gathering and organization.
Mathematics (teamwork) 2 semaines ww

Mystery of the Fur Balls

RecoRecreate the Info Sheet Science activity to develop observation, deductive and team skills.
Science and Technology 1 period zz

Boreal Rally

Introduction to Online Research Research activity focussed on building information technology skills.
Science and Technology (reading, online research)
1 period zz

Figure Drawing

Create a complex drawing from a basic shape Activity to stimulate creativity and the flow of ideas.
Plastic Arts (drawing, creative skills) 1 period zz

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