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Yukon Wildlife Preserve
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Yukon Wildlife Preserve

In the mid-1970s, animal lovers and outdoors enthusiasts Danny and Uli Nowlan established the Yukon Wildlife Preserve near Whitehorse. The refuge began by taking in animals native to the Yukon. The couple focussed especially on ungulates indigenous to the North, animals that were quite rare in wildlife refuges of the day. A few years ago, after devoting over 35 years to animal welfare, the couple decided to pass the torch to a new generation. They wanted the Yukon Wildlife Preserve to maintain its vocation of educating the public and refused to sell the property to the highest bidder. An association came together to save the facility, and the Yukon government ultimately decided to buy the refuge.

The Yukon Wildlife Preserve today is a genuine conservation park, where visitors can find ten different species indigenous to the Yukon and northern Canada, including moose, muskoxen, mountain goats, wood buffalo, mule deer, woodland caribou, elk, lynxes and mountain sheep. All the animals roam freely and peacefully in extensive pasturelands that mimic their native habitat.

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Yukon Wildlife Preserve The Yukon Wildlife Preserve is a unique wildlife viewing property featuring northern Canadian mammals in their natural environment.
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