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The Yukon

Land of the Klondike and its legendary gold rush, the Yukon is dominated by a subarctic climate. The territory contains Canada’s highest mountains and the world’s largest ice fields outside the Arctic and Antarctic.

A vast mountainous region

The Yukon is crisscrossed by soaring mountains, including the highest, Mount Logan, at about 6,000 metres in elevation. The Yukon River, one of North America’s longest, traverses this territory of 483,450 km2. Located in Canada’s north-western corner, the Yukon is bordered on the west by Alaska, on the east by the Northwest Territories, on the south by British Columbia, and on the north by the Beaufort Sea

From taiga to tundra

The taiga, or Boreal Forest, comprised of pine, poplar and birch, covers 57% of the territory. Farther north, the trees disappear, giving way to the flowers and shrubs of the tundra, which must endure the harsh weather conditions of the Arctic. In all, the Yukon is home to some 1,300 species of flowers.

Abundant wildlife

Populations of grizzlies and Dall sheep living in the Yukon wilderness are among the largest in North America. Wolves, black bears, polar bears, caribou and moose are also found in abundance. Over 250 species of migrating birds and birds of prey find refuge in the Yukon.

Preserving habitats

Since the 1980s, the creation of national parks has helped preserve the natural habitats of certain migrating bird species as well as numerous other wild animals. The wood buffalo, woodland caribou, peregrine falcon and western toad are currently considered threatened species.

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