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Rocky Mountains


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Rocky Mountains

70 million years ago, the North American and Pacific tectonic plates collided, giving birth to a towering mountain chain: the Rockies.

A chain 4,830 km long

The Rocky Mountains form a mountain chain that runs over 4,800 km  through western Canada and the United States. In Canada, this natural boundary forms the border between British Columbia and Alberta. The Rockies contain one of North America’s most important systems of rivers and lakes. Located on the continental divide, water from the Rockies feeds many rivers flowing into the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans.

Complex geology

Sculpted by successive ice ages, the Rockies are dotted with deep valleys, canyons, limestone caves, waterfalls, lakes and rivers. Featuring numerous glaciers and snowbound peaks reaching nearly 4,000 metres high, the Rockies offer scenery as varied as it is spectacular.

Three ecological zones

Density of vegetation varies with altitude. The foothills region is characterized by meadows and extensive forests of conifers and deciduous trees. The subalpine region, between the foothills and the peaks, is dominated by coniferous forests and meadows dotted with shrubs. Approaching the highest peaks, plant life becomes sparser. However, many species of wildflowers manage to thrive on the alpine tundra.

Varied wildlife

The Canadian Rockies are home to a wide range of wild animals. A number of large carnivorous predators, including grizzlies, cougars and wolves, share the territory with species of the cervidae family, including deer and elk, and the ungulate family, including mountain sheep and mountain goats. Smaller mammals, such as martens and groundhogs, are also found in the Rockies.

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