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Refuge Pageau
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Refuge Pageau

Refuge Pageau is above all a love story about the passion of one man, Michel Pageau, and his family. Located in Quebec’s Abitibi region, the refuge first opened in Amos in 1987, after Michel and Louise Pageau had taken in their first baby moose. Realizing they were unable to release the animals back into the wild, they decided to keep them. It was the beginning of a wonderful adventure in the service of the most vulnerable animals. With the support of his wife Louise and their children, including Nathalie, who is following in her father’s footsteps, Michel Pageau continues his mission to return to nature what man has taken away.

Since opening, the refuge has taken in hundreds of wild animals, which Michel and his family have lovingly tended to before releasing them back into the wild. Sometimes, however, animals that are handicapped or too accustomed to humans cannot be released. These animals become lifelong residents of the refuge. A visit to Refuge Pageau is a wonderful occasion to meet the animals of the Abitibi boreal forest, including moose, bears, wolves and lynxes, as well as several species of birds of prey. Each animal has a story at the refuge, and Michel Pageau and family are at the heart of this heartwarming story.


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