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Rebecca Bradford-Andrew
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Rebecca Bradford-Andrew

Passing on ancestral knowledge

Rebecca Bradford-Andrew is a biologist by training, but above all, she’s a major animal and nature lover. This comes to her from her grandfather, an Irishman and trapper who, in the 1930s, came to live with the Aboriginal peoples at Telegraph Creek, in northern British Columbia. Rebecca’s mother herself was adopted at birth by the Tahltan nation.

Rebecca’s parents raised her according to the traditional First Nations way of life. As a child, she ate the products of fishing, hunting and wild berry gathering. Although she’s less nomadic than her ancestors were, she wishes to pass on to her children the ancestral knowledge she inherited. 

The yukon wildlife preserve

After finishing her studies in biology at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Rebecca Bradford-Andrew looked for a job that would let her raise her children far from the major urban  centres while keeping in close contact with animals. The Yukon Wildlife Preserve near Whitehorse caught her attention.

This preserve began about 30 years ago through the initiative of Danny Nowlan and his wife, who bought an enormous piece of land to raise wild animals native to the Yukon in their natural habitats. In 2004, the Yukon government became the preserve’s owner and transferred the management of the facility to a non-profit organization.

Today, Rebecca is responsible for educational activities at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. These activities give her the opportunity to communicate her knowledge of wildlife to her children and teach respect for the wilderness around them. 

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