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Philippe Henry
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Philippe Henry

Travelling to the four corners of the world

Philippe Henry was born in greater Paris, France. For about ten years, he worked as a photography technician in the French army. He began to practice photographing animals after discovering Alsatian wildlife. At that time, Philippe lived near a threatened forest whose emblematic bird was the Mute Swan. A photographic essay he did on this species helped raise public awareness of the importance of protecting nature. Even then, the goals of education and conservation were motivating his work. 

In 1994, he came to live in Quebec. Right away, he began collaborating on various studies with biologists and travelled abroad to complete certain photography projects. Since then, Philippe has journeyed to the four corners of the world.

Studying the alligator

Philippe Henry has travelled throughout the world as an animal photographer. Since early 2000, he’s spent the equivalent of three years in southwestern Texas, a region with a major concentration of alligators. 

Philippe is working with biologist Louise Hayes-Odum to produce a scientific book about the alligator. They travel to Brazos Bend Park, located about 80 kilometres from Houston. Brazos Bend Park is a protected habitat where the public can come and observe alligators up close. 

Alligators are less dangerous than crocodiles, which makes them easier to approach. However, it’s still necessary to respect certain safety rules. 

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