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Peter Ledwidge
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Peter Ledwidge

A love of the great outdoors

Peter Ledwidge has always been drawn to adventure, wide open spaces and the wilderness. British by birth, he spent early childhood in France, but when he was seven years old, his parents emigrated to Nova Scotia, Canada. Exploring this new world, he developed a love of animals when he came in contact with horses. This experience taught him to develop a special relationship with animals, to communicate with them and establish a bond of trust. 

After studying geology, Peter Ledwidge knocked about for a while here and there, especially in northern Canada. At age 20, he left for the Yukon on a two-month contract. He lived in a prospector’s camp, cut off from the world. For him, it was love at first sight; the landscapes and wilderness of the Yukon enchanted him. In Dawson City, he met his wife Ann, also a geologist. The wildlife and open spaces close at hand captivated them to the point that they decided to settle down not far from the legendary town.

Dog country

In 1993, Peter Ledwidge witnessed for the first time the Yukon Quest, a sled dog race that takes place each year between Fairbanks, Alaska and Whitehorse, Yukon. The event was a revelation for him. “I’d never been so sure of anything. I wanted to devote my life to pursuing this goal, to live among dogs and train them for the Yukon Quest.”

Sled dogs are part of the Yukon’s history. During the gold rush, dogsled was the only means of transporting freight in winter. Dog races soon became very popular. Today in the Yukon, there are on average twice as many dogs as inhabitants, and several major competitions take place in the territory.

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