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Pascale Otis
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Pascale Otis

The career of Pascale Otis, a biologist specialized in migratory birds, has been anything but ordinary. She works at both of the Earth’s poles, with snow geese in the Canadian Arctic and penguins in the Antarctic. For several years, she’s been studying the resistance to extreme cold among snow geese and Canada geese. Her research has led to the discovery of a protein that prevents ice crystal formation on the feet of these birds.

Otis established UROM, a research unit on migratory birds, in order that the birds she imprinted could live out their lives in the wild. Aptly nicknamed “Mother Goose”, she never hesitates to take a swim with her goslings. She feeds them, talks to them, walks with them and teaches them to fly. The young birds consider her their mother. This intimate bond helps the researcher study her subjects without disturbing their natural patterns.

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A specialist in migrating birds, Pascale Otis studies the stamina of geese in extreme cold.
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