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Nathalie Pageau
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Nathalie Pageau

Family story

Nathalie Pageau, eldest daughter of Michel and Louise Pageau, was born in Amos, in Quebec’s Abitibi region. She developed a close bond with animals at a very young age. In those days, Michel trapped fur animals to provide for his family, and he frequently brought orphaned young animals home. Before long, Nathalie discovered she had a talent for surrogate motherhood. The animals became her playmates, instead of the dolls little girls usually play with!

In a way, Nathalie has inherited her father’s gift for establishing a unique bond with animals. To see her handling an adopted bear cub or coyote pup is to understand the almost instinctive love she has for animals.

The pageau clan

The Refuge Pageau, located in the town of Amos in Quebec’s Abitibi region, was officially established in 1987, after Michel and Louise Pageau had taken in their first young moose. Since the beginning, the Refuge has taken in hundreds of wild animals, which were lovingly tended to before being returned to their natural habitat. When certain animals cannot be re-released, either because they’re too handicapped to survive in the wild or because they’re too accustomed to humans, they become lifelong residents of the Refuge.

In recent years, Nathalie has become increasingly involved in the daily activities of the Refuge. She looks after the furred and feathered residents along with Félix Offroy, who sees to the Refuge’s financing and development.

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Vous êtes super!

Par Gino, 2010-07-12, 01h58

Jveux juste vous dire a toute votre équipe que vous faites tellement une belle Job pis une Job super importante pour l'environnement j'aime tellement les animaux pis jvous trouve tellement chanceux de côtoyer quotidiennement des ptits bébés ours coyote loup etc continuer votre bon travail pis j'espère qui il aura toujours des gens qui aiment les animaux pour prendre la relève parceque je pense que ce refuge doit continuer toujours et toujours! C'est plate que j'habite loin parceque je viendrais visiter c'est sur tout ça pour dire félicitation a chacune des personnes qui travaille dans ce refuge et qui s'occupent des animaux sans défense blessés ou seuls car les animaux sont ceux qui mènent un vrai combat dans la vie de tous les jours.

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