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La Mauricie National Park

Parc de la Mauricie

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La Mauricie National Park

La Mauricie National Park was shaped by glaciers 10,000 years ago. This lush wilderness in the southern Laurentian Mountains extends over 536 km2 of hills, valleys and lakes.

Transition zone

Located on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River, La Mauricie National Park sits atop the Canadian Shield, a massive layer of bedrock dating from the Precambrian era. This region of rolling hills dotted with some 150 lakes is a transition zone between northern and southern forests.

A thriving forest

With 30 species of trees, forests cover over 90% of the park’s territory. The 20 species of deciduous trees, including maple and white birch, grow in well drained soils on slopes exposed to the sun. The ten species of conifers, including fir, spruce and pine, take root more often on rocky slopes and in damp soils. This mixed forest also harbours 440 species of vascular plants and numerous species of lichen and moss.

Varied wildlife

La Mauricie National Park hosts 50 species of mammals and 180 species of birds. Beavers, moose and bears are the most abundant among mammals, while aquatic birds and raptors are the main nesting breeds. Five reptile species,14 amphibian species  and 24 fish species round out the park’s wildlife diversity. We also find here Canada’s largest egg-laying site for wood turtles.

A protected ecosystem

For 150 years, the region of La Mauricie was the site of intensive forestry activity. In 1970, with the creation of La Mauricie National Park, the region’s ecosystems could finally be protected and restored. Every year since then, thousands of outdoors enthusiasts have learned about and enjoyed the park’s rich natural heritage.

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