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Jean Cardinal
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Jean Cardinal

For Canadian, American and European film producers, Jean Cardinal is Quebec’s most sought-after animal trainer. He is known equally for his professional ethic, which promotes respect for animals, as the diversity of animals themselves. These include skunks, foxes, bears, deer, a Siberian tiger, raccoons, hares, rats and many others.

The man you never see onscreen has a great deal to tell and show us. His bond with animals defies the imagination, and it’s not an act! For him, the key lies in knowing the individual nature of each wild animal, and in taming each other. How can a raven perch on Nicole Kidman’s shoulder at just the right second, as in The Human Stain? Only Jean Cardinal possesses the secret.

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As an animal handler for movies, Jean Cardinal knows the unique qualities of each of his animals.
Par Pierr-André Rainville, 2009-07-04, 14h00

Votre émission était excellente... Est-il possible d'entrer en contact avec monsieur Cardinal.. son adresse en Estrie... Merci L'équipe d'Humanima: Bonjour, vous pouvez rejoindre Jean Cardinal directement sur son site web:www.cinezoo.qc.ca/

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