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Jacinthe Bouchard

Imprinting tigers

At the Tiger Temple, tiger cubs are taken from their mothers at a very young age and fed by monks, which familiarizes them with humans.

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Jacinthe Bouchard

Training animals and enriching their lives

Jacinthe Bouchard is an expert in animal behaviour. After obtaining a certificate in business management, this amazing woman decided to change vocation and devote herself entirely to her passion: animal training.

Jacinthe aquired her knowledge of animals through observation and by studying with leading animal behaviouralists and trainers. Today, Jacinthe travels regularly to zoos and animal parks around the world to establish training and enrichment programs for animals in captivity. In particular, she trains animals to receive basic veterinary care such as vaccinations or check-ups, without resorting to anaesthesia or causing them needless stress.

Training wild animals

To understand animal behaviour, we must first understand the natural environment in which they live. Since beginning on this career path, Jacinthe has trained a large variety of animals, from black panthers to bats, via goldfish, rats, tigers and even hippos. For her, the brain works the same way regardless of the animal. We must find what the animal wants and motivate it to adopt the behaviour required to receive a reward.

Basic training is done using a clicker, a small device that emits a sound when the animal respects a command. In general, positive results are achieved quickly, but for certain animals that have experienced trauma, the process is longer and a relationship of trust is harder to build. However, for Jacinthe Bouchard, diligence, love and patience are always essential.

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Jacinthe Bouchard (French website)

Sincere admiration

Par Nathalie Desjardins, 2011-05-30, 20h41

Bonjour, je vous ai découvert au salon des animaux de compagnie au stade Olympique en compagnie d'un ocelot ,j'ai une grande admiration pour votre passion qui me fascine beaucoup.Vous êtes une pionnère dans ce domaine que j'aimerai un jour en faire partie.Longue vie a vous Mme Bouchard !

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