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Frédéric Pignon
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Frédéric Pignon

Growing up among horses

Frédéric Pignon grew up in a family with a passion for horses. As a child, he would get near the horse’s head so he could hear its thoughts. A native of Normandy, France, Frédéric inherited a deep love for horses from his father. On their Sunday outings, he and his father often attended horse fairs, both of them fascinated by the manes flowing in the wind. This childhood surrounded by animals helped him develop a relationship based on respect and communication with horses. 

When he began frequenting the equestrian world, he was surprised to observe how much the methods used by riders were based on dominance of the animal. One day, Frédéric attended a show where the main star was Perdigon, the legendary horse of the Delgado family. He was won over not only by the Delgado method, which advocates a respectful approach to the horse, but also by Magali, the beautiful rider to whom the horse belonged. Driven by a shared passion, the couple explored new artistic ground in their equestrian acts, always through respect and understanding of their magnificent Lusitano horses.

Getting people to dream

Frédéric Pignon has the best job in the world. When he performs with his majestic horses, he gets people to dream. An artist known throughout North America and Europe for his involvement in the shows Cheval Passion, Cavalia and numerous others, Frédéric shares his vision of horses with Magali Delgado, his partner on stage and in life. 

For Frédéric, the horse is a mysterious animal with an unpredictable character. Communicating with a horse involves a very strong desire to understand it. The approach he uses, based on gentleness and patience, helps him establish a genuine bond with his horses. The resulting connection is such that the horses give the impression of wanting to please him.

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Frédéric Pignon, l'homme-cheval

Par Tania, 2013-07-25, 20h38

Merveilleux Frédéric Pignon ! l'homme qui murmure à l'oreille des chevaux, qui les comprend et les éduque tout en douceur, produisant ainsi un spectacle d'une beauté incroyable. J'adore !

Passion pour les chevaux

Par Susan, 2012-03-30, 20h38

J'ai eu la chance de voir le spectacle Cavalia a Québec. Nous pouvions voir l'amour et la passion de c'est gens envers leur chevaux....leurs bébé...j'ai été ému tout au long du spectacle...de voir cette connexion envers eux et leurs chevaux....Je souhaite avoir la chance de revoir ce magnifique et majestueux spectacle...Merci a Frédérique et Magali de partager cette si grande amour que vous avez pour vos chevaux avec nous, Merci.

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