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Emiko Wong

Caring for wild animals

Emiko Wong has had a passion for animals since early childhood. To live out her passion, she chose to become a veterinarian. Her unique career path led her from Dr. Guy Fitzgerald’s clinic for birds of prey all the way to Guatemala, to do a six-month internship at a wildlife rehabilitation sanctuary. The country was then emerging from civil war and grappling with a major poaching problem. The adventurous and nature-loving veterinarian came away from this extraordinary experience with an even more profound conviction and determination. She wanted to spend her life caring for non-domesticated animals.

Her dream came true when she landed a job as a veterinarian at the Montréal Biôdome. This young woman especially appreciates the diversity of her work. No two days are alike, and her day-to-day work is filled with challenges. Her job is to see to the well-being of animals from the four ecosystems represented at the Biodôme: Tropical Forest, Laurentian Forest, Saint-Lawrence marine Ecosystem and Polar Ecosystem.

Profession: Wildlife veterinarian

Since 2003, Emiko Wong has been seeing to the well-being of thousands of animals living in the different habitats of the Montréal Biodôme. She practices her profession of veterinarian in a place unique in the world, where four natural ecosystems have been recreated at a small scale beneath an enormous dome. Emiko’s work is highly varied. One day, she might anaesthetize a fish, while the next day she does the annual check-up on the lynxes.

Emiko works with a multidisciplinary team that includes, among others, the animal caretakers. These people have daily contact with the animals and can quickly spot problems, allowing Emiko to quickly get involved.

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