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Carl Millier
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Carl Millier

With his vast knowledge and infectious enthusiasm, Carl Millier is a rare and fascinating creature in his own right. An environmental biologist by training, this young man in his thirties has been practicing the art of falconry for many years. His company raises birds of prey and trains them for a surprising career: aviation safety.

A firm believer in educating the public on wildlife conservation, Millier has established an learning program in schools, and recently wrote a book to raise awareness of these magnificent birds. He reminds us that the trust of wild animals is not something we can demand, but something we earn.

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Nombreux pygargues Nicolet

Par Linda Grenon, 2017-03-07, 13h40

Bonjour, Est-ce fréquent de voir une trentaines sinon plus de pygargues dans un même secteur ces temps-ci.. secteur Nicolet. Merci


Par Sébastien, 2015-02-13, 13h40

Est-il possible de savoir quel est le salaire moyen d'un fauconnier travaillant à un aéroport? J'ai souvent entendu dire que ce n'était pas énorme, mais j'aimerai connaître les chiffres svp.

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