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Bengal tiger (Endangered Species)
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Bengal tiger (Endangered Species)

At the beginning of the 20th century, the worldwide tiger population was estimated at 100,000 individuals. In under a century, however, the survival of this great feline has become highly uncertain. Three tiger subspecies have already disappeared. The Bengal tiger, the most numerous of the species, remains barely above the critical threshold for extinction in the short term.

Considered a “man-eater”, the tiger was long believed to be an enemy that must be killed. Firearms used for commercial tiger hunting, as well as poison bait aimed at protecting livestock, opened the way for a genuine carnage. Tigers were also poached for the supposed medical benefits of their organs.

Rampant population growth in India has greatly reduced the range the tiger needs to survive. Agriculture and road construction have fragmented its territory and reduced the availability of prey. The tiger’s range today is 20 times smaller than at the beginning of the 20th century.

Between the 1940s and 1980s, three of the eight tiger subspecies vanished from the map. The Bali tiger, the Caspian tiger and the Javan tiger did not survive intensive hunting, poaching and deforestation. Only in 1969 did authorities realize the scope of this catastrophic decline, and measures were put in place to prevent the species from completely dying out.

Between 1900 and 1972, the Bengal tiger population dropped from 40,000-50,000 to under 2,000. This alarming decline has now slowed, thanks to a conservation program that enabled the creation of protected habitats. With a current population of 4,000 individuals, the Bengal tiger is the most numerous of the subspecies, accounting for roughly half of the world’s tigers.

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Par Ivor Williams, 2017-02-13, 14h50

YouTube Video 'Second Hand Coat' Dear Sir or Madam, I have recently up-loaded to YouTube a video I have made which was set to a poem I have written called 'Second Hand Coat.' A few years ago, I had this idea that the ghost of a wild cat (in my video, a tiger) comes back to see what his skin had become - hence the title 'Second Hand Coat' and comes to the conclusion that, yes, it DID look better on him. I would be interested to hear any comments you have regarding the video. With thanks, Ivor Williams PS I would be delighted if the poem could be shared, should you wish to forward it to like-minded organisations. https://youtu.be/t4UoPTYJJdU

Save our tigers save ur heritage

Par Tiger, 2015-05-20, 14h50

have done awesome job, save tigers

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