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35 - Wildlife Adventurer

Researchers and adventurers

In their camp set up deep in the forest, researchers analyze data they’ve gathered on their expedition.

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35 - Wildlife Adventurer

Episode summary

Steve Goodman, specialist in land mammals and Bohemian-spirited adventurer, takes us to Madagascar to discover the island’s little-known and unique animals.


This documentary follows the work of Steve Goodman, adventurer in the animal world, as he encounters the indigenous wildlife of Madagascar. On an expedition to seek out new species, Steve and his team travel to the forests of Zahamena National Park. This protected area of superb beauty harbours a rich variety of wildlife, including species not yet discovered. Goodman’s extraordinary knowledge of the animal kingdom makes him one the world’s foremost experts on wildlife and newly discovered species in Madagascar. In honour of his work, a few new species even bear his name, including the Goodman’s mouse lemur, a lemur discovered only in 2005.

This amazing wilderness trek takes us on a hunt for lesser-known animal species, on an island where 80% of wildlife is endemic, i.e. found nowhere else in the world. Madagascar, a country of outstanding beauty and natural wealth, evolved in isolation for millions of years and is home to peculiar creatures such as the mouse lemur, a tiny primate genetically closer to humans than to rodents, or the tenrec, which resembles a hedgehog but is closer in ancestry to an elephant.

Goodman’s research began as a solitary pursuit, and over the years has laid the foundations for a comprehensive bible of Madagascar wildlife. Today, Steve Goodman shares his passion and is surrounded by a team of researchers from various fields, including primatology, herpetology and mammalogy. Joining him as well are doctoral students such as Achile Raselamanana, biologist and herpetologist, Peter Taylor, one of the world’s leading mammal experts, and Corey Schoemann, a renowned bat researcher.

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Loups gris

Par Malcolm Daigneault, 2014-10-16, 13h49

Bonjour, je suis un élève de 5e année et je dois faire une recherche sur les loups gris. J'aimerais savoir qu'Est-ce qu'il faut faire si un loup était coincé dans un piège à ours? Merci ! Réponse d'Humanima : Le mieux serait d'appeler les agents de la faune pour qu'ils viennent le libérer.

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