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32- Trainer without Borders


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32- Trainer without Borders

Episode summary

Jacinthe Bouchard is a specialist in animal behaviour. Today, she puts her know-how and love for animals to the service of about 15 tigers living at a secluded Buddhist temple in the lush rainforest of Thailand.


HippopotameWild animals are familiar territory for Jacinthe Bouchard, specialist in animal behaviour. For a number of years, this energetic Québécoise has spent her life with tigers, bears, wolves, dogs, lions, dolphins, hippos, monkeys and other furred and feathered creatures. Her job is to develop training programs for wild animals in captivity at zoos and animal parks. Her most important objective is to ensure the animals are well-treated and in good spirits.

Jacinthe Tigre

Today, Bouchard puts her expertise to the service of the animals at the Bangkok Zoo, as well as the tigers living at a very uncommon Buddhist temple in the mountains of Thailand. The Tiger Temple, as it’s called, is three hours from Bangkok and a popular spot for tourists to meet the tigers that the monks have taken in and keep in captivity. On display for tourists, the tigers are constantly photographed during their afternoon naps.  While the animals are accustomed to humans, their living conditions are hardly ideal for their well-being. Bouchard works closely with the monks with the aim of gradually distancing the tigers from human contact. With her intern, Bouchard journeys to discover these powerful and fascinating creatures. Her mission is provide the tools required for the tigers to develop their natural instincts. A extensive new home with a lake already awaits them, a place where the animals can cavort freely, away from humans. The tiger is, after all, the only feline that loves to swim!

This spectacular journey to Thailand to meet the tigers is an opportunity to learn about Jacinthe Bouchard’s tireless and dedicated efforts to improve the lives of animals.

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Douc Langur

Par Équipe Humanima, 2010-03-15, 07h34

Ce primate se nomme Douc Langur, c'est une espèce de singe qui ne vit qu'au Vietnam.

entraineuren sans frontiere

Par zoo de bangkok, 2010-03-15, 07h34

J'aimerais savoir le nom du primate dans le vidéo . Vous dites que c'est le plus beau et je suis d'accord avec vous.

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