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30- Call of the Sea
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30- Call of the Sea

Episode summary

Richard Sears spends his life near the whales in the majestic setting of the Mingan Archipelago on Quebec’s North Shore. Surrounded by his team, this impassioned veteran of the sea has been studying how the whales live for over 30 years.


At age 18, Richard Sears fell in love with whales. On a trip to the Mingan Islands, he saw Minke whales. That summer, he spent many happy moments among the whales of Moisie Bay.


At the end of the 70s, Sears finally achieved his goal of setting up a marine mammal research station. He set his heart on the Mingan Archipelago and forged a friendship with the Paquette family. In the village, news spread fast of the barefoot hippie who had pitched his tent on the Paquette property! An experience that was supposed to last a year is now in its 30th year. The Paquettes, now in their 80s, still live in the Mingan Islands and have witnessed up close the evolution of the researcher’s career. Today, Sears is surrounded by a team who share a common passion, to study the lives of these mysterious marine mammals and deepen our understanding of them. From Forestville to the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula, Sears follows the movements of the blue whales, which we still know little about.

BateauRichard Sears has navigated oceans and seas in pursuit of his subjects, from Brazil to Portugal to the Gulf of California. After all these years of research, he still enjoys the challenges and excitement of life at sea. As we follow him in his work, we discover superb and out-of-the-way places, including the Mingan Archipelago, a string of islands sculpted by the sea, and the Forillon National Park in the Gaspé, a spectacular marine environment. For Sears, each of these places offers the eternal spectacle of nature, and for a brief moment, he gives us privileged access to these marine worlds and their mysterious inhabitants.

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