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29- Wolf Quest


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29- Wolf Quest

Episode summary

Sylvain Macchi, who has the daily opportunity to live out his passion for wolves, tells of  his experience tracking and studying these animals. Today he works to build bridges between environmentalists in favour of reintroducing the wolf to France and the shepherds who oppose the move.


MacchiEvery day, Sylvain Macchi has the chance to live out his passion and fascination for the wolves of France’s Parc des loups du Gévaudan. His many expeditions to track wolves have led him to discover an intelligent and reserved animal, often shy with humans and worlds apart from the legends told about it.

A walking encyclopedia of the history of wolves, Sylvain Macchi knows by heart the many tales told about them, especially since the predator reappeared in the French Alps near the Italian border in the early 1990s. With fierce opponents of wolves accusing them of the worst deeds, Macchi, using his expertise gained from tracking this elusive creature, has been working to forge ties between environmentalists in favour of the wolf’s return and the shepherds opposed. Through his participation in Pastoraloup, a shepherd support program, he’s helping in a tangible way to improve strained relations between the two camps.

LoupThrough the unique experiences of Sylvain Macchi and his companion, archeoozoologist Audrey Prucca, we learn in detail about the history, biology and social structure of an animal simultaneously admired and despised, and whose survival in France remains in question.

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