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28- Elephant Memoirs


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28- Elephant Memoirs

Episode summary

In Laos, a small landlocked country in Southeast Asia, Sébastien Duffillot devotes his career to saving the Asian elephant, an important but endangered part of the country’s heritage.


DuffilotYears ago, Sébastien Duffillot fell in love with Laos, “Land of a Million Elephants”, and its mountains covered in lush pristine forests. However, when he arrived there, he wondered where all the elephants had gone. Speaking with the villagers, he learned that the elephant population was in drastic decline.

Duffillot, a big fan of elephants, created the ElefantAsia organization along with Gilles Maurer, to improve the lives of Laos’ domesticated elephants. Duffillot works closely with the mahouts, the men who guide these enormous mammals weighing several tons through their domestic chores. Growth in the forestry industry has prompted certain mahouts to drive their elephants harder by making them move faster, leading to injury, stress, extreme fatigue, and harm to their reproductive abilities. To alleviate the problem, Duffillot and veterinarian Vatsana Chantavong have been travelling throughout rural Laos with their mobile veterinary care unit, to seek out mahouts and their elephants and provide advice and basic care.

DuffilotThrough his daily efforts to ensure the survival of the pachyderms, Sébastien Duffillot invites us to discover a spectacular country with ancestral charm, a peaceful people, and especially a powerful and iconic animal that has been a companion to man for millennia.

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Des images à couper le souffle !

Par Madame Nature, 2010-01-22, 20h24

J'ai vraiment hâte de voir cet épisode. J'adore les éléphants ! Ça donne le goût d'aller au Laos juste pour leur faire un gros calin. La musique est très belle.

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