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27 - Roam like the Birds


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27 - Roam like the Birds

Episode summary

Benjamin Vollot spends his days on the shores of the Mediterranean with the wild birds of southern France. Each summer, he observes thousands of pink flamingos converging on the salt marshes of the Camargue.


Benjamin Vollot’s job, which involves collaring and caring for birds in France’s Camargue, provides an excellent opportunity to observe the region’s native wildlife up close, and also to study a habitat renowned for its extraordinary richness and diversity.

VollotBenjamin Vollot works at the Parc ornithologique de Pont de Gau, a protected wilderness area home to many birds native to the region, including the fascinating pink flamingos that converge here by the thousands. The Camargue is an ideal nesting ground for numerous species, which Benjamin Vollot, with his extensive expertise, works to care for, protect and return to the wild.


The history of this bird sanctuary is tied to the fascinating story of the Lamouroux family, of René Lamouroux and his sons, who share a love for the birds and other wildlife inhabiting the marshes of Camargue.

In the company of Benjamin Vollot, René Lamouroux  and Arnaud Béchet, a  researcher specialized in pink flamingos, we discover these amazing wild birds and their protected environment.

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