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26 - The Man who Dances with Horses
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26 - The Man who Dances with Horses

Episode Summary

Frédéric Pignon is an equestrian performer who grew up in a family with a passion for horses. He teaches us to look at horses in a new light and talks about his philosophy of life based on respect for horses and an intimate bond with animals.


Frédéric Pignon is an equestrian artist who grew up in a family with a passion for horses. As a child, he kept company with dogs, horses and chickens while trying to teach them a few acrobatic acts of his own invention. This precious inheritance helped him develop a relationship with his animals based on respect and mutual understanding. For Frédéric Pignon, the horse will always remain a mystery. Even as a child, he would stand close to the horses, so he could hear their thoughts. For nearly 40 years, this avid horse enthusiast has tried to pierce the mystery,  to better understand horses so they can better understand him. Today, he shares this special bond with audiences of a major equestrian show that has toured North America and Europe for the past five years. His close relationship with Templado, his majestic white horse who is now deceased, has stirred the imaginations of thousands of spectators.

Today, Frédéric Pignon and his wife Magali Delgado open the gates of their family farm of Lusitano horses, in Provence, southern France. This majestic white Iberian horse with a sturdy character has been part of the world of Frédéric and Magali since the beginning. Between tours, the couple has always returned to the source, to meet their protégés. This visit helps them choose and train the stars of tomorrow, the horses most suitable for a career in the world of equestrian shows.

Magali Delgado, like Frédéric, comes from a large family of equestrian artists, the first in France to present their Lusitano equestrian shows abroad. At the age of five, she was already riding her young filly side-saddle, to the delight of spectators. Frédéric and Magali are pioneers of an ethological working method with horses, a philosophy that encourages natural behaviour, enjoyment, improvisation and playfulness. Through the unique experience of this couple with a Gypsy spirit, the horse reveals its nature little by little. The intelligence, communication ability and behaviour of this animal, which has evolved with humans for millennia, is impressive and fascinating.

In the company of Frédéric Pignon, we see the horse in a new light, and discover a philosophy of life and work based on respect for horses and a deep connection with animals.

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Frédéric Pignon grew up among horses and developed a close bond with them.


Par Simon Rancourt, 2010-08-29, 12h14

J'ai le bonheur de voir Frédéric et Magali dans "Cavalia" en 2005 et 2006 et je puis affirmer que pas un cheval de spectacle sur Terre n'est mieux traité que les chevaux de "Cavalia"

Par Priscilla, 2009-03-11, 12h14

Bonjour, J'aimerais savoir si l'émission va repasser puisque le 10 mars il y a eu un problème avec votre diffusion ... et j'aimerais bien le visionner :) Merci et bonne journée Priscilla Bonjour, l'épisode sur Frédéric Pignon sera en ondes à RDI. Visitez la section horaire du site Humanima pour l'horaire exact. Bon visionnement!

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