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23 - Wilderness Inherited

Rebecca enfant

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23 - Wilderness Inherited

Episode Summary

Rebecca Bradford-Andrew, raised in both Irish and Aboriginal environment, passes on her heritage and knowledge of Yukon wildlife through educational activities at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, a sanctuary for wild animals.


MouflonsRebecca Bradford-Andrew, citizen of the vast woodlands of mythical Yukon, is consumed by a passion for its animals. Her views on animal life, nature and the environment are a unique blend of the emotional and visceral bond with nature inherited from her native ancestors, and a solid understanding of animal species acquired from her advanced studies in biology. Because of this reality and indeed this duality, Rebecca Bradford-Andrew is the perfect guide to wildlife and human life in the Yukon.

Rebecca’s choice of job also allows her to be close to the animals she loves and to live in nature.  She works at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, a sanctuary for indigenous animals located some 20 km from Whitehorse.  Her work there is extremely varied:  she helps tend to the animals; assists the sanctuary’s veterinarian, and she’s in charge of planning the daily chores.

Every day at the Preserve involves encounters with Yukon wildlife:  mountain goats, caribou, ibex, musk oxen, mountain sheep, elk and mule deer.  “We work our daily schedule around the animals.”  There’s nothing Rebecca wants more than to share her knowledge with others.  Her dearest wish is to “reconnect” the children of the Yukon with their magnificent environment and instill in them the need to protect it. 

Rebecca is currently working on several educational programs through which she hopes to pass down her extensive knowledge of Yukon wildlife, and at the same time generate and build respect for this great wilderness.

Rebecca BradfordThe world of Rebecca Bradford-Andrew is inhabited by a vast range of animal species, but she admits that her particular favourite is the Dall’s sheep. Sharing her daily experiences gives us a unique opportunity to discover the breathtaking beauty of the Yukon.  A land where nature still reigns supreme; where animals and humans live side by side in mutual respect, and where the traditional knowledge of the Aboriginal elders is the basis for understanding its ecosystems and animal life.

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