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22 - In the Footsteps of the Man who Talks with Wolves
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22 - In the Footsteps of the Man who Talks with Wolves

Episode Summary

Nathalie Pageau, eldest daughter of Louise and Michel Pageau “The Man who Talks with Wolves”, inherited her father’s gift for establishing special relationships with wild animals. Today, she continues her work in wildlife rehabilitation, in the same spirit of respect and conservation.

Nathalie PageauNathalie Pageau was born in Amos, in Quebec’s Abitibi region, surrounded by nature and animals. The eldest daughter of Michel and Louise Pageau, Nathalie had close contact with animals from a very early age. At that time, Michel was trapping fur animals to provide for his family, and he often brought orphaned young animals home. Nathalie soon discovered her talent as a surrogate mother and the animals became her playmates, instead of the dolls that little girls usually play with!

Nathalie has inherited her father’s gift for establishing a special bond with animals. You need to see her in contact with a bear cub she adopted to understand her almost instinctive love for animals. Today, Nathalie has taken over from Michel and Louise and continues their wildlife rehabilitation efforts in the same spirit of respect and conservation.

The Refuge Pageau is a family story, and Nathalie can rely on the support of Michel, Louise and even Félix, Michel’s son-in-law who also works at the refuge. After all, it’s no walk in the park looking after wolves, moose, bears, lynxes, raccoons, birds of prey and a host of other furred and feathered creatures that end up at the refuge, often because of us humans. Last spring, more than 35 bear cubs were taken in and cared for, spending the winter lodged in their shelter. Once they’ve gained weight, they’ll be ready to return to the wild when spring arrives. For Nathalie, the times when they’re released are moments of great intensity, when all the work she’s done takes on its true meaning.

Félix OrignauxNathalie is not content simply to follow in the footsteps of the man who talks with wolves. To share in her daily activities is to be drawn into a special world where life flourishes and every animal deserves a second chance. Through contact with the animal world, and through her simple approach to life, Nathalie Pageau raises a number of questions about the relationship that we humans have with animals, nature and the environment.

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