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20 - On the Cougar’s Trail

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20 - On the Cougar’s Trail

Episode Summary

Biologist Kyle Knopff  follows the Rocky Mountain cougar to understand its habits. He is accompanied by dogs specially trained to track down this fascinating creature seldom seen in the wild.


Kyle KnopffAlthough he was raised in the suburbs of Calgary, Kyle Knopff has always been drawn to the wilderness. Since 2005, Kyle and his companion Aliah Adams have been tracking the cougar in Alberta’s Rocky Mountain Foothills. This carnivore has all but disappeared from Eastern Canada, but the cougar population seems to be on the rise in the West, where hunting is even permitted. The goal of the project is to determine the links between these efficient predators and their prey, in order to better protect certain species that could be at risk due to predation by these felines.

Aliah is interested specifically in the interaction between humans and cougars. With Alberta’s current oil boom and the resulting land development, the cougar’s habitat is shrinking, to the point where the cats are inevitably encroaching on urban areas.

To achieve his work tracking the cougar, Kyle secured the help of Lorne Hindbo, a dog trainer. Kyle’s team traps about 20 cougars a year. The adrenaline rush is quite exhilarating when the slender animal finally shows its face.

In Quebec, the biologist Marc Gauthier studies the Eastern population of cougar who seems to be increasing. For some years, he tries to prove scientifically the presence of the animal.

CouguarIf any animal is difficult to observe in the wild, it’s the cougar. The silent and elusive feline, whose name comes from the Brazilian word cuguacuarana, is the champion of camouflage. This documentary invites us to discover this fascinating animal in the company of Kyle Knopff, a devoted biologist whose full-time job is studying this animal’s habits in the Alberta forests.

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sur la piste des couguars

Par Francine Huot, 2012-03-10, 14h46

Bonjour, j'ai vu votre reportage sur les couguars au Québec et j'aimerais vous mentionner que ma soeur a vu un couguar dans le petit boisé derrière sa résidence à Lac St-Charles tout près de Québec l'an dernier et hier elle a vu des pistes très fraiches juste derrière sa maison. J'aimerais bien que M. Marc Gauthier qui est sur la piste des couguars en soit informé. Ce petit boisé est entouré de maisons et ne fait pas plus de 2 km par 2 km. Ce couguar pourrait s'attaquer à un enfant ou à ma soeur qui a communiqué avec les services de la faune et qui ne semble pas s'en inquiéter. Merci!

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