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15 - Mountain Encounter

Steeve Côté

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15 - Mountain Encounter

Episode summary

In the Alberta foothills of the Rockies, Steeve Côté dedicates a great deal of his life to a one-of-a-kind project:  the study of mountain goats.


Steeve CôtéSomewhere high in the Canadian Rockies, Steeve Côté dedicates a good part of his life to a project that nobody else in the world has undertaken:  the study of mountain goats.  On the highest snow-capped peaks, a hundred or so spanking white goats parade around sporting brightly coloured earrings.  Their jewelry plays a very specific role:  that of monitoring the dynamics of this herd of gregarious ungulates that have the knack for getting around steep rocky slopes that are not easily accessible to most human beings. Since 1994, Steece Côté has returned every summer to observe his protégés and monitor each one from birth to death.

His intimate knowledge of the herd allows this researcher and his team to study the interactions of these belligerent beasts. In his little wood cabin perched high in the mountains, which also serves as a research centre, Steeve Côté lives a stone’s throw away from some breathtaking scenery. Steeve and his team like to take the time to meditate and appreciate the quiet and fresh air of the Rockies before resuming their research activities: taking samples; tracking and capturing animals; transmitting their findings and studying the impact habitat change has on the species.

Chèvre de montagneThis documentary takes us into a fascinating world and allows us to share a slice of Steeve Côté’s life in a remote wilderness that’s still inaccessible to most people.  We discover the struggle this biologist and his team go through, in a summer, to adapt to a place so far from civilization where ordinary people wouldn’t dare set foot.

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