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14 - Filming the Deep

Rocher Iles-de-la-Madeleine

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14 - Filming the Deep

Résumé de l’épisode

Underwater cameraman Mario Cyr has traveled the world and discovered some of the most surprising species.  We follow him as he heads out on the trail of the Greenland sharks.


Mario CyrHaving spent his childhood in the Magdalen Islands, it’s no wonder Mario Cyr has a passion for the sea:  he gladly throws himself into its waves to discover every inch of its vast expanse.  In total symbiosis with the sea, this underwater filmmaker explores it high and low, seeking out the least-known species.  All he wants is to capture underwater images whose beauty has rarely been seen by humans, images that will forever attest to this extraordinary yet fragile environment.

In all the different jobs Mario Cyr has held – fisherman, fish farmer, commercial scuba diver and finally underwater filmmaker, the sea has always been there to quench his thirst for adventure.  His expeditions on five continents have brought him a wealth of knowledge on marine wildlife in all its diversity.  Mario Cyr’s career has been nothing less than astounding:  16 trips to the Canadian Arctic; over 8,000 dives to his credit, and he has worked on more than 50 documentaries. 

Requin GroenlandThis documentary will give us the opportunity to share the knowledge of this great lover of underwater fauna and flora while he’ll be filming Greenland sharks off the coast of Baie-Comeau, and observing the astonishing wildlife of the Gulf of the St. Lawrence, together with Jeffrey Galland, a professional diver.


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