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13 - The Season for Newborns
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13 - The Season for Newborns

Episode summary

Josée Tremblay could easily have become a veterinarian in a private clinic, taking care of dogs and cats.  Instead, her passion for nature led her to the Wildlife Zoo in St. Félicien, Québec.  Come spring, when babies are being born at the zoo and in the forest, this vet has her hands full caring for her many protégés. 


Vaccinate a herd of bison, remove tartar from a lynx’s teeth, x-ray an owl’s wing, operate on a polar bear’s fractured paw, examine and bottle-feed an orphaned moose… Some jobs are decidedly less routine than others, and Josée Tremblay’s everyday work is full of surprises.

Tremblay is a veterinarian at the Centre de conservation de la biodiversité boréale (Centre for the Conservation of Boreal Biodiversity). She’s responsible for looking after about 1,000 animals from 80 different species living in near-freedom in a wildlife park that mimics their native habitat. The birthing season brings a abundance of work for Tremblay, and the veterinarian must occasionally take work home, in the form of newborns requiring constant care and regular bottle feedings.

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