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12 - One Man’s Heaven on Earth
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12 - One Man’s Heaven on Earth

Episode summary

Henri Jacob, a committed environmentalist, likes to get involved in down-to-earth projects.  He has spent his summers since 1995 identifying and banding hundreds of ducks on Lake Parent in Abitibi, Québec.  As he goes about his summertime chores, we discover the fascinating world of Henri Jacob, the heaven on earth he cherishes and defends so fiercely. 


For ten years, Henri Jacob lived with his family on a remote island in a small wood cabin with no running water or electricity. This was a decade spent in a close bond with nature. He emerged from the experience firmly convinced of the importance of protecting our natural resources and natural heritage.

Jacob has a big-picture view of the issues that threaten the stability of our ecosystems, which he defends with fervour and respect. He has carried out countless projects for governments and business with the aim of protecting woodlands, wetlands and wildlife. He believes that by educating the public, getting people to rediscover and experience nature’s wealth, that humanity can achieve the harmony essential to our survival.

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