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10 - A Naturalists’ Magic Touch
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10 - A Naturalists’ Magic Touch

Episode summary

Pierre Leduc the biologist is first and foremost a naturalist painter.  To create a painting, he’ll take a walk in the forest to observe and immerse himself in the surrounding landscape.  His paintings make us realize that the nature all around us is as fragile as it is beautiful.


Pierre Leduc fell in love with nature art 25 years ago. As an assistant at an exposition by painter Jean-Luc Grondin, he was so dumbfounded by the painting L’aigle doré (Bald Eagle) that this experience became a genuine challenge for him. He wanted to devote himself to this art, attempt to represent nature in all its magnificence. A biologist with a degree from Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Leduc worked throughout his studies as a scientific illustrator in zoology, entomology and botany. As a child who loved wilderness trips, what he found especially fascinating was not the animals, but rather their habitats.

Leduc is a keen observer of nature. To produce his paintings, he spends much of his time in the field. He goes into the forest, observes the land and immerses himself in the environment. His favourite haunts include the Léon-Provancher Marsh near Quebec City, and also L’île aux Basques near Trois-Pistoles, where he enjoys the company of other nature painters. Back at his studio in Quebec City, Leduc spends months recreating the emotions he experienced on his nature trips. An excursion into the world of Pierre Leduc is an occasion to awaken to the beauty and fragility of the natural world around us.


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