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09 - A Man Among the Predators
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09 - A Man Among the Predators

Episode Summary

Rolland Lemieux is every inch a man of nature.  As a wildlife technician who specializes in the humane capture of predators, he is particularly interested in bears and wolves.  His expertise is currently being put to good use in a project aimed at saving a fragile species:  the Woodland Caribou of Charlevoix, Québec.


Rolland Lemieux  is a true man of nature who has a profound knowledge of animal behaviour. This former trapper, now an expert in humane animal capture, is especially interested in predators such as bears and wolves, which he admires for their exceptional intelligence. He has worked with researchers from several universities, and his internationally-renowned expertise has made him the subject of articles in magazines including Figaro and Paris Match.

For over 30 years, Lemieux has been working in the field for Quebec’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife. He’s the person who attaches radio collars to various species of animals, to gather detailed information on their health, movements and behaviour. His work involves infiltrating animals’ dens and lairs, then stealthily capturing them.

The information gathered helps us better understand the predators of the Charlevoix caribou herd, which is currently threatened.

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