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08 - One Good Deed Deserves Another
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08 - One Good Deed Deserves Another

Episode summary

On their farm located in Carignan, Québec, Gloria Grow and her husband Richard Allan provide a home for hundreds of abandoned and abused animals.  They were the first to take in HIV-positive chimpanzees.


Gloria Grow and Richard Allan founded the Fauna Foundation in order to guarantee long-term care to unwanted animals and to protect the green spaces around them. On their 135-acre farm near Carignan, Quebec, they provide a home for 400 rejected or abused animals, including horses, llamas, goats and pot-bellied pigs.

A decisive moment for Gloria Grow was her meeting with the renowned Dr. Roger Fouts, a champion for the rights of primates used as laboratory research subjects. With her husband Richard, they decided to invest everything they owned in a 9,000 square foot sanctuary that currently houses 13 chimpanzees. The couple drew worldwide acclaim for being the first to provide a home for HIV-infected chimpanzees. The story of this enthusiastic couple is that of two lives entirely devoted to the respect for life.


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