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06 - The Call of the Wild
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06 - The Call of the Wild

Episode summary

Maryo Pépin developed his great passion for animals when he was very young.  From the age of ten on, he began to drop out of regular school, opting instead for the school of life.  He would spend his days studying animal behaviour and imitating their calls.  Today, this self-taught man has put his vast experience to use making animal-calls that are lifelike reproductions of animal sounds.


At the age of ten, Maryo Pépin, a native of St-Benjamin de Beauce, was already raising foxes and deer in his family’s backyard. He spent his days observing their behaviour and communicating with them by imitating their cries and other sounds. As an adult, this ardent nature lover set out to conquer the continent and study the behaviour of animals in their native habitats. He perfected a system of bird calls that he devised for his personal use. His talent and success quickly attracted interest.

He went on to establish a research centre unique in North America, an enormous nature park where an amazing number of indigenous species live as though in the wild. Among them are deer, moose, wolves, bears, cougars, coyotes, foxes, elk and wild turkeys. Reproducing their language through his animal calls is a passion that Maryo turned into an art, one which echoes the immense wilderness he inhabits and invites us to discover.

Maryo Pepin died July 2, 2007

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