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05 - A New Set of Wings
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05 - A New Set of Wings

Episode summary

Guy Fitzgerald has dedicated his life to sheltering, treating and rehabilitating birds of prey.  Every year, hundreds of injured and orphaned birds of prey are brought to his clinic in St. Hyacinthe, Québec.  His sole purpose is to heal them so they may be released back into the wild.  That’s what Guy Fitzgerald’s commitment is all about.


Guy Fitzgerald is a fascinating man who devotes his life to birds of prey. Each year, this professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Saint-Hyacinthe takes in over 300 injured or orphaned birds from all around Quebec. First he treats them, then rehabilitates them, so he can return them to the wild. It’s a tricky process in which the bird must not become too accustomed to human contact. 

Fitzgerald is the founder of UQROP (Union québécoise de réhabilitation des oiseaux de proie) an organization aiming to educate the public about these birds. He also established a Quebec-wide network to treat injured, sick or orphaned birds of prey. He coordinates a team of like-minded enthusiasts dedicated to saving these birds.

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