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04 - The Challenges of an Untamed Soul
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04 - The Challenges of an Untamed Soul

Episode summary

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Sable Island is a land not easily tamed.  For more than 20 years, Zoe Lucas has been studying the island and its population of wild horses.




Far out in the Atlantic, 300 kilometres from Halifax, the Nova Scotia capital, lies Sable Island. This crescent-shaped strip of sand was once inhabited and even farmed, but Sable Island never lent itself to being tamed by man.

For over 20 years, researcher Zoe Lucas has lived in this world inhabited by wild horses. She teaches us about the natural history of the island, whose environment is shaped and reshaped in the natural cycle of creation and destruction. Despite storm surges and Atlantic gales, the island harbours astonishing life, abundant and diverse, filled with fascinating research opportunities and ecological challenges.


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