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01 - In Sync with the Great Whales


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01 - In Sync with the Great Whales

Episode summary

In 1986, during her medical internship in the Gaspé Peninsula, Janie Giard discovered whales.  It was love at first sight.  Ever since, she has lived in sync with the great whales, dividing her time between her work as a doctor and her research on these gigantic yet fragile marine mammals.


GiardJanie Giard has had an amazing career path. Nothing can stop this woman of keen intelligence and abundant energy. In addition to her work as a physician, she also directs photo identification and marking projects for GREMM, a group that promotes research and education on marine mammals in the Saint Lawrence River.

GiardFrom season to season, she follows the comings and goings of marine mammal populations, including the fin whale, blue whale, humpback whale and sperm whale. At sea, she can recognize and name each whale and tell us its story. Janie and her spouse Robert Michaud, a researcher specialized in the study of belugas, share a common passion with their three children: living in sync with the great whales.


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